Cowperthwaite Photography


My name is Wheeler Cowperthwaite. I’m a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, with a bachelor of arts in print journalism and political science.

Rudelsburg 1-8-2011 14E Small

To the right. The right.

I also homebrew and write about it; we’re Fat Grey Tom’s Cider.

I’m the cops and courts reporter (official title: staff writer) for the Rio Grande SUN in Española, New Mexico. We’re a weekly newspaper.

More photos, often times ones that don’t make the cut, are on Flickr. Most of them are under a Creative Commons attribution/share-alike license. (Feel free to use them with attribution.)

I write food columns and make videos about cooking. I write a blog about food, and other things, called “Put some cilantro on it!”

Feel free to contact me at or follow me on twitter, @WheelerReporter or @wcowperthwaite.

You can call me at (775) 453-4162.

I speak German (passable fluency) and have an affinity for both the signature East German mustard, Bautz’ner Senf (mittlescharf,) and for (dry) German wine.

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