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Published photos

The following is a partial listing (from what I’ve been able to find) of my personal photos used across the web. I release almost all of my personal photos under a Creative Commons, Attribution Only/Share Alike license.

This list does not include photos taken professionally and published in the (various) newspaper(s) I work(ed) for.

Websites: Cilantro
The Huffington Post: 10 food substitutions 5 Genius Ways to Use Your Ice Cube Trays Home HIV test
PRX: Phoning Home (David Rohde) — Angry Man’s Guide to Brewing Hard Cider
KERA News – HIV Cases Among Youth, African Americans Cause Grave Concern
Nev. Hispanic Caucus Enjoying Its Power Paris in fall Aging HIV-positive populations Date rape drugs Stocks up after days of bleeding Babies born with HIV cured
International Business Times
Canadian University Press: Rapid HIV testing continues Date rape Alegeria and AIDS



David S. Rohde
Mo Denis
Lorri Jean
William Raggio